Seventeen Magazine Shoot

Today went for a photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine~ It wasn't my first time going there though, is just that previously I am so lazy to upload them.. Hehehe... (^^''')

I really enjoy working with the staff there and really happy that my senior - Maggie Mah, guided me today~ Model of the day for today's fashion spread - Sri~ Well, I didn't took much picture... But I am still waiting for Sri's pictures because she took most of the picture~ Next time will post it up when she tag me in FaceBook~ XD

Maggie helping Sri to style her hair~ And yes, the table is as messy as ever~ XD

After lunch, PLAY TIME!! XD The stylist - Joy, started blowing bubbles in the room and everybody started to go "high" about it~ Hahahaha..

And as usual, camwhore.. X)
Yesterday, I bought the new issue of Popteen~ Nyaa~~~ Their make up are getting better every issue, I really love how they put fake eyelashes and make their eye extra big and round and cute~

Mai Hirose, 1 of the model inside is getting better and better. Last time when she 1st came in, she was a Gyaru, has a very dark skin and dress up very CocoLulu style (very colorful and striking colors shirts and baggy pants, a bit like Nana Suzuki.). But now she is a Popteen Girl~ She is 1 of my favorite model in Popteen~

Rie Okaeri, another model in Popteen and also the owner of the brand - Ank Rouge. She is my favorite too~ Her make up is so cute!! And her style of dressing are so pretty, vintage and somehow Victorian yet modern, of course.

Well, that's all for now, signing out~ 

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