It's been so long since I upload my blog again. I was very busy lately, as usual. Plus, nothing much happening lately in my life. XD Nah, that is just an excuse, I am just too lazy to update my blog... (Sorry my dear blog. ><)

Finally, an event in Malaysia~ Now a days, cosplay event is getting fewer and fewer. Few years back then, when I am still having my SPM exam, there is so many cosplay event, but now, many have already stop 'operating'.. (T^T)

Latest cosplay event - C2AGE~ Held at 21 & 22 May in Tropicana City Mall~

Day 1
- Me and BlackCatz decided to just wear normal Lolita since there is a small Lolita meet up. The event was quite small, so I think many of them didn't came. But we manage to met our MLC vice-president - Aiko, Suz and Esther aka Mbek~

We met new Lolita friends too~ From left, her name is Maki~ She is new to Lolita, so welcome her into Lolita life~ <3 There are 2 more Lolita friends we met, their names are Joey and Catherine~

As for my dear Emmanuel, cosplaying as Ulquiorra on that day~ As cool as usual.. X)

Cheryl as Kuroki from Blazer Drive. She really suits this character a lot~ <3

Misaki, Anthony, Baddy and Za did came over too. But because I don't have pictures of them. (T^T) Misaki was cosplaying her OC (Original character). And as for the others, they are cosplaying themselves~ XD

Day 2
- Me and Cheryl cosplaying Badou and Naoto from Dog:Bullet & Carnage. (Sorry for this picture because both this actual character don't have rabbit ears. XD But because this is the only picture we have for day 2, so I have no choice to put this picture.) Cheryl so cute nya~~

As for Misaki and Baddy, they both cosplay their OC again~ Maguro High~ X) No pictures of them though.. (T3T) Emmanuel and BlackCatz didn't attend the 2nd day..

Honest speaking, it was really a boring event. (><) Nothing much to do, me and Cheryl and the others went home quite early on the 2nd day. We realize something about cosplay in Malaysia. Well, I am not going to say what is it, because is might be a sensitive topic, so skip~

Camwhore time~ <3 Me and My dear sister, BlackCatz~

Catz, me and my dear Emmanuel~

Ahh!! Forgot to camwhore with Cheryl, Misaki and the others.... (TT.TT) Must remember next time.. (><) *knocks my head*

*All photos above are credit to whoever I took from.. (><) Other than the camwhore part. XD

Thanks for dropping by~ <3

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