Back from Taiwan

And yes I just came back from Taiwan yesterday night.. Totally exhausted because me and my mom took those tour thing..
Rush rush rush, that's all I can say.. Didn't manage to really enjoy the view.. And the weather that time wasn't being a good friend to us too, it was raining the whole week..
Now dunno what happen to my face, started to have rashes too.. Well it was half of my Taiwan trip and my face started to turn into a very bad condition.. Ω_Ω

The whole Taiwan trip actually wasn't that bad.. Is just these few things happen all together.. Other than that, it was really fun and memorable, I am really grateful for it~ Need to thanks my mom so much for this trip~ She is the best mom~

Will post my Taiwan trip when I am really free~ Because after this trip, my schedule is full.. A lot of important things that I need to take care of.. Wish me luck~ =

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