STYLO 2012

Finally the day of smelling food around my class has end~ The food design was done and everybody finally can rest, including me~
The night of the show didn't went that well, a lot of problems had happen but I guess I have learn a lot from it. It was actually quite sad but I won't tell in details what is the problem, haha~
Enough say, here are the pictures of STYLO 2012 (Night Circus) and emerging designers competition~ (I won't write much because kinda lazy to write, haha.. Just came back yesterday night, now still feeling so tired. xD)
This is my friend's design by using cones and wafer biscuit~

This is 1 of my seniors design~ Using all the Indian spices~

This is my group design, peeled orange, lemon and lime's skin~

This design look exactly like Silent Hill nurse. Lol.

Where as this design, look like Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy 8. xD

We reached the destination very early, so.... My friends got so bored. xD

I have not posted all this pictures here, but if you guys interested to see more, you can visit my album --> STYLO. Thanks for reading my post again~ :D Will try to update more from now on since I am a bit more free, but I still have 1 more thing to go... My miniature shoes competition... >A<

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