New year is near.. Is just 3 more days from now.. What to do next year? I am still in a maze.. Lost and uncertain, but MAYBE knew where is the way out.. *sigh*

Life is always so many things to choose. Example, when you were lost, there are so many choices of road to get you out from this maze.. Keep choosing is your only option, if you choose wrong, then you MIGHT be forever stuck inside, but if you choose correctly, then you will get out from the maze without any trouble.. Not only to choose, are you strong, determine to walk out from this maze? If you are not, then forever you WILL be stuck..

Yesterday night, me, Black Catz and her sister were watching the GazettE Dim Scene concert in the middle of the night~ XD We did head bang and jumping around like there's no tomorrow.. The situation at that time was HIGH!! Really just like in the concert itself!! Especially when is the song is "Headache Man", because Ruki head bang until very funny, we all laugh until can't stop.. XD And then Uruha forgot to sing a part of the song.. XD Hahaha.. And the another funniest part was Black Catz sister was the most hyper!! She was really crazy jumping around, 1st she jumped to Black Catz then to me.. And still she didn't complain of any tired while the 2 of us are already half-dead.. OMG!! Me and Black Catz really are getting old.. Hahaha... XD

Here is Black Catz posing with her beloved hubby~ Uruha~ XD

Me with my beloved Ruki too~ >3<

Catz sister with her beloved Kai~~ X3

The clock pointing sharp 3 in the morning, only our "concert" was finish.. Our heads and bodies are really quarter dead this time.. Hahaha.. Was really a fun and unforgetable night!! X3

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