Merry Christmas everybody~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas is always the best thing for everybody, don't care malay, chinese or indian, we celebrate together.. Because everybody always love to have a gift from somebody.. XD

Finally my collection of visual kei stuff with Black Catz already more than 5!! Mwahahaha.. Very happy!! 5 the GazettE DVD and CD and 2 Antic Cafe's CD~~ haha, so happy!! Our next target is to get other visual kei's band like LM.C, Screw, Versailles and more~~ ^^ We are also collecting visual kei's magazine and Lolita's too~~ X3

Because Chirstmas is always a day to give your love ones presents, so I bought 5 Lolita items from Bodyline to give myself a present.. XD 1 JSK, 1 skirt, 2 blouse and 1 bag.. I love myself too much.. hahaha...

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