Nyappy New Year to everybody~!!!

This 2009 year is my 1st time sitting in the house counting down only with my mom... And with a cake too~ Hahaha.. XD Miss the old days, where me and my brothers and my cousins gather together to do the countdown... T^T

Here's my mom cutting the cake... =3

Just came back from Penang and it was really a great trip~ ^^ I spent my 1st day of 2010 in Penang.. weee~~ =w= It was really tiring because we just stayed 1 night, so we need to do everything fast.. We started our journey at about 9 in the morning and reach there about 1 in the afternoon... Can you imagine sitting in the car for about 4 hours?? T_____T

Here's the hotel we are staying... This hotel name was suppose to be call Sheraton Hotel, then change to Corsett Hotel (if I am not wrong) then lastly (which means now), Hotel haha..

This is the lobby~ ^^
This is the view from my hotel~ Lovely~ This is the city...
And this is the sea...

This is a burnt down hotel.. When I 1st saw it, I thought that this building is cool and decide to take a picture of it.. Then when Charles told me that this building last time was a prostitution place, I was like, "wow~!!" Hahahaha.. XD

My mom posing 1 of those baba & nyonya house outside..
And this is me~ Posing outside the baba & nyonya house window.. XD
Another block of baba & nyonya house.. This 1 is obviously more colorful~ XD

While on the way back to the hotel, I saw this 1 particular shop selling all those very victorian-like children dresses.. So ask my mom to go in and check out.. And found out, there have big sizes too~~!! There are actually meant for children age 10-11, but because its big enough to fit me in, so beg my mom to bought me a dress.. Hahaha.. XD Nice right?? X3
This is the night view from 1 of the food court...
2nd day, check out from the hotel and straight we went to Khoo Kongsi's clan family houses.. This place is really amazing.. The settings and decoration really blow my mind away because it look just alike forbiden city in China..
This is a small tunnel before going in...

Then after the tunnel, you will see all this houses... Its already being abandoned...

And there, this is the Khoo Kongsi's "palace"... It looks like temple though.. ^^''' But the craft is tremendously BEAUTIFUL!!!

Right in front of the "palace", there's a opera stage... (the car are spoiler) =3=
This is the nearer view of the opera stage..
These are the nearer view of the "palace"..

After visiting the "palace", we start back our journey home.. From 2 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening... Gosh.. This whole trip was tiring but FUN~~ ^^

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