When I was still in the school days, I always nag about schools are bored, schools are a bothersome and bla bla bla.. And now staying in the house, no more school, thinking what to do for my future, finding for a job and etc.. I feel more bothersome.. == Is not that I say I love school, (for Pete's sake, forever I will not say I LOVE YOU, SCHOOL~!) but because when school life, I have nothing to worry about only the exams.. If forever I was in form 4, that will be the best thing ever~ No need to worry about PMR or SPM or even my future, only need to worry where to enjoy.. hahaha.. XD

I do love my life now, can do what I love to do, have the freedom I always ask for.. But is just that, maybe I am not ready for this "adult" society yet..? When will I grow up?

*picture from School Rumble*

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