Today went out to Time Square to meet up with Jacqueline and other never-talk-before-in-real-life friends.. ^^''' Today was my 1st time meeting so many cosplay senpai alone.. I always do not dare to join all this meeting or gathering alone because I am a really shy girl.. T^T But at least I knew Jacqueline~ :3 She is really so sweet~~ >< So today's gathering, I manage to meet Rong Tau, Rong Tau's sister - Sally, Chou, Michelle, Reika and Soo~ Everybody are so friendly and cheerful, so it was very easy to join in to the group.. (not as hard and scary as I think.. ==''') So nice meeting everybody~~! X3

Then about 3pm, I say bye bye to everybody and head to Mid Valley to get all my things done which includes, getting into a guitar class and finding a job.. Damn tiring.. Then later meet up with Cheryl to go to the KL Japanese Club to ask for a part-time Japanese language class.. I don't know whether to say we are lucky or not. We walk all the way there and found out the office was close, but then, we saw them having a New Year Celebration~ So we joined in~ It was really fun~ ^^ And it really feels like in Japan because 90% are Japanese and the stuff there are ALL in Japanese style and ways~ =D

Here are some pictures~

This street is where everybody buys food~
In front there is a stage and only VIP are allowed to sit there... (if I am not wrong)

This is a place where everybody can take a rest..
I was so lucky!!! I saw my favorite Japanese teacher, Kondou-sensei~ She still remember me and was keep asking me, what happen to my Japanese, because I can't really reply her using Japanese, but only understand what she is talking to me.. hahaha~ She is the best teacher ever~!!!

We bought some food and drinks~
This drink is super CUTE~! The 1st time we tried to open this bottle, we can't, so we read the instruction and the instruction tell us to push open to the bottler cap. We tried very hard to push, nothing happen. So I kept on trying pushing it then suddenly... PUUUUSTTT~! Cherly thought I just farted.. But of course I didn't farted but only the cap bottle open.. XD

See the marble inside the bottle?? That's the thing we need to push in to open this drink~ hahahaha.. XD (Japanese are really creative~ hahaha..)

We never forget to camwhore~ hahaha...

It was really a fun and exciting day~ If only Catz were with us during the Japanese New Year Celebration.. ><

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