It's been sometimes since I last wrote my blog isn't it?? Wait, I always DO forget/lazy to write my blog sometimes.. XD Anyway *wipe away the dust* so many things have happen.. Wonderful things~

Last Saturday, the 3 sisters meet again~ Super happy~ We went to sing karaoke.. Actually, I can't believe myself because I knew going to a karaoke is just so not like the 3 sisters at all.. But luckily it didn't came out as bad as I thought.. Catz and Cheryl did sing but their voice are very soft, but still I am very happy because I get to hear them singing!!! Hahahaha!! >D I don't think there will be another time for us to go karaoke anymore.. Because I know Catz and Cheryl won't really like it though they will say they don't mind..

After the karaoke, we went to Starbucks and "yum cha"~ Lovely~ It's been super long since I last went to Starbucks.. I miss you, Starbucks and my beloved Ice Chocolate with cream on top!!! hahaha.. XD

Before we went to Starbucks, we took some pictures together behind the new CNY decoration.. ^^

Why must this 2 always show the middle finger?? Are they really that angry when I ask them to take picture?? hahahah.. XD

I think yes.. We just love to show our lovely middle finger~ Because it's "pretty" in our way~ hahaha.. XD

Last Sunday, Versailles were 1 of the list in Music Japan~!!! OMG!! My "mom" - Hizaki, "she" is just too pretty!!! *nosebleed* I love you "mom"~~!!! Other band members are very cool and nice too!!! Versailles is LOVE!!! (If only... Jasmine were there too.. We as Versailles fans will miss you and always remember you..)

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