SPM is just 2 more days from now.. And I have been studying like hell.. Really like in HELL!!! >A< *its so not me when I say myself study, because I am really not the type who study.. My philosophy is always "Don't know, don't care, happy always", but now.. "Must know, must care, crying always"..* T^T

But, at the same time, I am also very happy because finally, I have been waiting for this moment to come.. After this dumb dumb SPM, I am free~~ Free like a bird~~ Like a kookaburra~~ Hahaha.. XD

So, from Wednesday onward, I must stay focus on my SPM and forget about everything which includes VK (My beloved Miku and Ruki.. T^T), Lolita, cosplay and with my sister's outing for now.. But I don't think I can, BUT still will try to especially stay away from my beloved.. (If not I will really lose focus and start daydreaming.. haha..)


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