I hate love

Today I draw a new drawing~~ XD This drawing started when I actually wanted to draw a flower, then suddenly don't know what happen, my hands start drawing human anatomy.. *laugh* And then, ta-da~ Here is the drawing.. XD I name this drawing, 'Get out of me'..

Is this what we call love? Blood splashes every corner in this room, only tears and hope was able to see in the scene. I saw you standing outside of this room, watching me as I try to crawl out from this bloody, dark pitch hole. You did not put any sympathy on me, you were with your friend, laughing at me. I did not know what to do, my heart was bleeding, I cried out black tears. My memories left me untouched, what I have been hoping through all my life was this sweet yet bitter desire, filling up this abandoned love in my heart. Love is nothing but just a sweet word, false hope and lies. Today you will feel it, the next day it’s gone. I wipe my tears and paint this love in my heart into black. Forever I will not love, but hate.

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