Hang out with Elaine and May

Today right after school, went out to have lunch with Elaine and her cousin sister, May. Because after this trial test, our burden also lighten.. So, we planned to so-called celebrate.. *laugh* Took the bus with Elaine to her house, meet up with May, change clothes and LET'S GO~~!! XD

These are some pictures taken when the outing.. XD

Elaine and May.. Both of them look so alike.. No wonder they are call cousin sisters.. Haha.. XD

Is that sausage really that nice??? Why want to keep looking at it?? Hahaha..

Me and May~~ ^3^

3 people together = love to eat~~ XD

This is a so-called human face made by us.. The hands are the hair, the price tag stick on the table are the eyes, california roll and onigiri are the ears, sausage is the nose and a pack of sushi is the mouth.. Haha.. XD

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