Today I went to my Academy's Gala Night (DIVA PRODUCTION). It was so cool~ This was my 1st time to go to social places like this, I saw Amber Chia and many other artist too (I don't know their names.. hehe) I even get to meet my favourite MTV's host, Denise~!! OMG!! I love her~~ She is so pretty and cute when she say herself always got lost on stage.. Hahahaha~~~ Will upload those pictures when I can get it from Cheryl. Today, Cheryl follow along me to my event, she is super tired but still want to accompany me.. Thank you so much, CHERYL~!! Me love you~ I sure will belanja you makan~~ XD

Ok, then before my event start, I actually went to Time Square to find for a toy shop where they sell pullip, taeyang and dal dolls~ And guess what? I found it and got crazy about dolls right now~~! Grghh~!! I want my Taeyang Rayne~! My "son"~~!!! *gone nuts*

Isn't he handsome?? XD I am going to name my "son" Glen or it can be call Guren when I have him..

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