This 2 weeks have been happening a lot of things.. Until I am so busy and lazy to update my blog.. == Now I have start my work again, so will less update my blog..

Anyway, just few days ago, I went out with my father~ :D I miss my father very much~~ We went for dinner as usual then drove around KL area then when we saw Istana Budaya, I have no idea why we decided to went down to have a look..

Then coincidencely, they were having a Korean Music and Dance exhibition and SO luckily, we can go into the musical for free~ It's SO different from the Japanese or Chinese culture, I should say.. Damn different.. ==

Here's some pictures.. Lazy to post all.. hehehe...

This is Istana Budaya night view version~ Hahahaha..

There is my dad standing, no should actually say walking inside the hall.. He didn't notice I was taking picture, if not, we might have just run away.. Cute father~ Hahahah..

This is the musical~

This is the night view of KL.. Very beautiful.. Took this picture in Titiwangsa garden.. See the "look-a-like" flower thing in the middle of the picture? Is actually a fountain~


Then last week~ I finally got my GLEN!!!! OMG!!! Damn happy~ He is SO like a son to me.. Now I felt like I go home with a reason~ Which is to accompany my son~ But lately because I said earlier that I am so busy, so no time.. *sob* Sorry Glen... *hugs tight*

This is my Glen before I did the grand opening.. XD

Me and Glen~~ Loves Glen~ Muacks~~

And lastly... I cut short my hair~~~~!!!!!! Is really a total different style.. I have never tried this kind of hair style before in my whole entire life..

This is the picture of it should be look like..

So this picture is when I am waiting for my hairstylist...

Then.. After bleaching hair.. *sob* It was so sad because to see my hair is in"pain" because of the bleach..

Everything is done~ See the difference..?? XD

This is how it really looks like... 1 side short, 1 side long.. highlighted in grey color and chocolate brown as base color...

Okie~ That's all for now.. Nothing to write anymore.. Hahahah.. Ciao~

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