I have been SO busy lately.. T.T Don't know to actually say busy or what.. But after having a job, I am so lazy, tired and not having enough sleeps because of having so many stupid dreams...!! Then I still need to help my mom to do the spring house cleaning for CNY (Chinese New Year).. Grrrrhhh!!@%@#

So for now, I just post my "latest" poem (which means very long time ago) that I wrote for 1 of my friend.. Do comment if you have~ :D So I can improve~ Thanks ya~

Your rain

Dancing alone in the rain again,

Again, the rain keep falling down,

Only your sweet sugar scent remains to dance with me,

Shower me with that love you once gave me.

I have never wanted to say goodbye,

Deep in my heart at least I try.

‘I love you’ is all I can say,

Forcing you to stay is not the way.

Though you have left me now,

The reminiscence of us is still playing well.

Do you have someone now that loves you more than me?

You should have known my love better,

We have been always together,

If we took some time apart,

Maybe you will know my heart.

On the pathway of the city,

Busy people going nowhere see me soak in the rain,

No compassion,

No impression,

No emotion,

Nothing at all matters,

My consciousness was gone,

I am like a flower in the dark,

Waiting for a lonely death.

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