Oh no. Not again.

As you can see from the title - Oh no. Not again. Yes, not again, I didn't frequently update my blog. (><) Please forgive me, my make up competition is near, so nowadays I seldom online too.

Well, I have nothing much to update anyways.. But I did have a Silent Hill x Resident Evil photoshoot in Genting.. The experience was awesome~ I really want to thank you, Deidara (Pyramid Head), Zend (Nemesis), Jean, Allen, Hibiki, Valho, Dyrenz and Sean so much for everything~ A thousand thank you for the awesome experience~~~!!! And thank you Hibiki for the awesome drifting.. It was really scary but the experience was priceless~

Here are the pictures~ Photos are by Hibiki Tokai, Jean and Valho~ 3 awesome photographers~ I have always respected them... (><)So it was my honor to meet them actually..

Me as the Silent Hill Nurse. Genting is already freezing cold, so with my costume, I was really shivering like hell.. XD

Deidara as the Pyramid Head. His costume is AWESOME!!

Zend as Nemesis from Resident Evil. His costume is AWESOME too!!! I love both Deidara's and Zend costume, they are both cosplayers that I respect  a lot too~

The passenger inside the car really freak out when they say Zend. XD   *Note: The passengers inside is not people that we know.hahaha.. XD

 The 3 survivors! They look so cool right? :D From left : Allen, Sean and Dyrenz.

But actually they are scare too. XDD Their facial expression is just too cute~ XD

Don't play-play with us! >D

After the whole shoot, is was already starting to drizzle, luckily we finished it fast~ :D We went down to Janda Baik for lunch and Hibiki was drifting again!! (>A<) Well, is just for awhile because I was like saying, "NOOOO!!!!" XDDD

Thanks again for everything, guys! You guys are really awesome!! <3

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