Time to rest.

Competition over. Finally, well consider it as a good thing because I can rest my mind a bit and start thinking about CNY. I want to thank you again to BlackCatz for being my model, she is a whole new Catz after the make up. XD She is really so pretty!! She is sexy and hot, instead of cute all the time... XD

Here are some pictures~ My competition theme make up for Junior are Day and Night MakeUp. Well, sounds easy and simple, but its not that easy when you need to get everything done by 45 minutes.. (=.=) I have 45 minutes to finish my day make up, then later on, 30 minutes to change to night make up..

Here is the day make up~

And from here onwards is the night make up. :D She looks gorgeous! Better than the make up artist.. Which is me.. XDD We were waiting for our turn to shoot~ So camwhore~

Here is how the shooting like. She totally looks like a real model here. 

After the shooting, it was my turn to do the Q&A section. SCARY! I hate to talk and worst, I am not good at talking, I admit it myself.. (=.=) So it was really scary for me, even BlackCatz know that I have no confidence when I am talking.. Damn.. Must really learn some skills from BlackCatz on how to talk. XD

Anyway, after my Q&A, finally everything ended~~ I was totally blanked after that... So Catz decided to go to Starbucks to chill out.. XD Later on, we have a small shoot for BlackCatz~ Here there are~ :D

Camwhore in the toilet~ Me and her were wearing high heels that day~ So we both were complaining high heels sucks, but still, we wear it... XDD Her high heels are freaking pretty!! I love it so much~

And that's all for my make up competition. Thanks again to BlackCatz for being my pretty model. And thanks Diva Production for the awesome experience!

Well actually, the day before my make up comepetition, I went to an event with BlackCatz, Cheryl, Emmanuel, Jian Leng, Misaki and the whole group. XD The event is called - AGC (Asia Games Channel) at the E@Curve. The event was pretty small so we didn't do much and just walk around, went to the Maid Cafe (but didn't went inside because it was soooo loooong queue) and did a bit of photoshoot. :D

(Left to right)
Ikuto (Shugo Chara) - Cheryl
EVA (Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater) - Me
Hoshino Utau (Shugo Chara) - BlackCatz

Here is the photoshoot part~ :D BlackCatz and Cheryl did most of the photoshoot~ They are really cool and pretty and nice together~ X)

This is my photoshoot~ :)

(Pictures above are all credits to Alexander~ Thanks for the small photoshoot!!)

This picture is me and Naked Snake! XD Finally, I found my Snake. XDD This picture credits to Jean, he is the who helped in my previous shooting - Silent Hill x Resident Evil.
Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid) - WantedDog

That's all for now~ Will try to keep update my blog~ :D Have a nice day guys~

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