Happy Birthday to Ruki~

I hope I am not too late to post this... Ruki!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Please take good care of yourself and don't smoke too much already.. (><) Wish you all the best in the future~ Will forever support the GazettE~!! GazeRock is not dead!!

Then yesterday, I did a new make up for Chinese New Year (CNY). Well this time is more to natural make up, simplicity is the best for everyday's make up~ :D This make up effect is more to round eyes~

- M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid
- M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
- M.A.C loose powder

- Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil hard 9 seal brown 02

- Majolica Majorca eye base
- Majolica Majorca eye shadow (shimmer light as the base color)
- NARS Blondie = light brown (tip of the eyelid)
- Elianto eyeliner pencil
- off-brand fake eyelashes both bottom and upper (bought from DAISO)
- RIMMEL London Glam'Eyes Mascara.

As for lips and cheek, I didn't put any but if you want, I would suggest. For cheek, if you have fairer skin, you can go to more pink color, but if you have darker skin tone, go for peach color. As for lips, try strawberry cream color or nude color, because the main point of this make up is natural. But if you want to put more color into it, then why not~ Try everything~ :

Sigh, if only I have a better camera, so I can take a better picture of my make up. TT^TT

Omake shot~ XD Happy CNY to everybody!! :) Wishes and greetings from me and my Domo-kun aka Emma~ :D

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