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Finally got my portfolio~ Model is BlackCatz (As my previous post has posted) Thank you again to BlackCatz~ :D Left is day make up, right is night make up~
Then lately, I am so into Italia Vogue Magazine. Their fashion are always so gorgeous! I love high fashion the most, very exotic but yet pretty and fierce in a picture at the same time. But some are still soft and fierce at the same time too. I think it depends on what kind of theme they have and what kind of theme they want people to see in a photo.

(Pictures from here onward are ALL from ITALIA VOGUE)

This picture is so awesome!! For me, this is more like soft yet fierce type of picture. Well this is just my opinion. As you can see, the model's face looks kind of sad but the background is a very hard and edgy type, which makes this model looks strong..

This is another page from Italia Vogue~ The title from this picture says it all - The POWER of White. Pure and pretty..

This picture looks simple. Simplicity sometimes looks the most complicating~ It depends on how you imagine in a picture and how you feel about that picture~ There is a title for this look too~ Look to the Future~ Think what you think about this picture yourself. :D

(Pictures from here onwards are not from Italia Vogue)

This is my favourite model of all the series ANTM (America's Next Top Model) - Ann Ward. She has a exotic and weird look but still beautiful too~ :D Congrats to her to be crowned as ANTM~~!! I love her soo much~! If only 1 day I have chance to help her make up, I would love to ask her to be a high fashion model for me~

Another picture from Ann Ward. She is sitting at the lowest~

Another favorite model~ Tyra Banks!! Yesh! She is my idol~

She looks so natural here~! Love this shot so much!!

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