Happy Valentine's Day

As the title have written- Happy Valentine's Day to everybody..

Valentine's Day sounds like just for couples only kind of day, but actually, I don't really felt it that way because Valentine's Day is a day where love is in the air~ Though some people don't have a valentine but that doesn't mean that you are not loved. What about your friends or your family or even your favourite pet~ They love you too but just another kind of love~ So spread the love around~ :)

I want to send my love to my dear, Emmanuel~ I love you so much, thanks for being my dear. I will always remember the promise we made and keep it no matter what..
(Drawings is not mine, I found it in photobucket but I think this drawing is 1 of my favorite artist - Kits-chan. O.O)

Then I want to send my love to my dearest sisters too, Cherly and BlackCatz~ They are the best, if I had not meet them in my life, I think I would have not be here... Thanks.. I love you girls forever too, let's stay this way forever~ X)
(Drawings are from photobucket too)

I want to send my love to my family and to all my friends too~~ And my 2 dogs~ XD

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