Happy Chinese New Year~

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody again~ :D I wonder how's everybody's Chinese New Year like, I guess every year should be the same, going house to house visiting cousins and relatives... (==) Honestly, I personally don't really like CNY because of a lot of reasons. The only thing I love about CNY is RED PACKETS!!! XDDDD Money!! Money!! Money!! XDDD I am such a bad daughter. XDDD

Well whatever, this is how my CNY have been~

The reunion dinner with my family~ We went to my uncle's house in Damansara for reunion dinner, everybody have to cook their own dishes and bring over~ This is really a lot, everybody busy taking the food before its gone!! XD

This is my 1st meal of CNY~ XD I took a lot of plates of rice that night, really... No joking. XD

My cousin brother - Terence Chai. As cool as always~

My cousin sister - Francine Chai. As pretty as always~

My cousin younger sister - Xin Rong. As cute as always~

My uncle. As funny as always. XD

After dinner, we took out a lot of junk food and snacks and chocolate and...(everything you can think of) on the table. We even had red wine from Italy~ I only drank 1 cup because after the dinner, my family and cousins will be going to temple, so need to control myself..

This is the temple I always go to, this is the night view though.There were having a chanting session 1st, so we went in and chant for, I think 1 hour.. After that, they have a small fireworks outside~ :)

Next day, which is the 1st day on CNY. We have a tradition of only eating vegetarian the whole day, so we didn't did much but spend the whole day in my grandma's house playing cards and monopoly~ XD That's why didn't took any pictures... Hehehe. ^^;;;

Then 2nd day of CNY, lunch in a seafood restaurant~ Everybody waiting for the food to be served.. XD Aunties and uncles chatting while the young ones are playing the phone or a console on the hand. XD

Food time! XD

Photo time~ :D

After lunch, we went for karaoke. And OMFG!!!! I can't believe that small studio hve the GazettE song.... But only Cassis, I was so hyper about it~~ My mom was scolding me to chill down. (.__.) Ruki!!! <3

After karaoke, we went for dinner in Ichiban Sushi, if I am not wrong about the name, can't really remember. XD Everybody were so tired after everything..

Well, that's all for my CNY with my whole family. Yup, I know it sounds boring.. XD That's how my every year CNY sounds like. XD

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