Yes, as the title written there, I am going to write something very "black" now.. Well I mean "black" just a very emo post.. I am just expressing out, no offense to anybody.. (If you hate reading emo post, then is better you ignore it)

Lately I am not really feeling very good, I thought I were good but I was wrong, I was over-confident on myself and fall down miserably. (I lose my make up competition and feeling very sad about it) Now I feel so useless and nothing I could do to make things happen in my life. Yes, what I am writing now is really how I feel. I am sure most people out there have the same feeling too, you work so hard for it and the outcome was zero.... Then you see other people flying high up and got jealous about it... Slowly you have no faith in yourself anymore, you don't feel like doing it anymore, then you want to run away from it.... You are tired of seeing people having good times while you sitting at the corner thinking how to join in the convo... Slowly you know, you are left out... You try to keep up the pace and try to talk to others and stay happy, but people just don't feel like talking to you.... You know it from their eyes that they just don't want to talk to you.... Then you start to think - What is my problem? What have I done that people don't to talk to me? And all the other negatives thoughts.... By then you know, you became numb about all this...

Well, what I am writing now is not to support people to have emo thoughts and sob all the day without doing anything. I am just expressing as I have written in the first sentence. People do have sad and happy times, that's what makes a person stronger and makes life more exciting. I may sound very very emo at the second paragraph, but when I think it through, I know those are just nothing, later in the future, I have more challenge that I have to face it to achieve my dreams, I may lose again but I will not give up. What I have learn through all this..

- Failure doesn't mean you will fail forever
- Just do your best but not too confident about yourself, because if you do, you will fall down even more pain and worst thing, you might not get back up on your feet
- Be yourself, some people may not like you but do remember, they are others that love you so much
- Aim for perfection not winning, this is the most important..

I hope this post doesn't bore anyone and wish I could give people some motivation.. Hahaha.. Will post out pictures of my DIVA Gala Night when I have all the pictures with me~ :D Thanks for reading~

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