I am back!! XD

Yesh 1 month of not blogging... My blog must be full of dust like my house now.. Well, now I will just simply post something up before it grows algae too.. (=.=)

Lately, my house has been a mess, nothing much to say, 1 word says it all, MESSY!!!! (=A=) Will post some picture out next time when I have the time.. I have not been staying in my own house for 1 month because of the renovation and all the drama from the contractor who ditch us... D<

Anyway, lately, I am very busy with my own make up thing too.. I will be having a Gala Night next week organize by my academy - DIVA PRODUCTION. That day will be announcing our results of our make up competition, so scary, and I can't wait too... (>A<) The dress code of my Gala Night is 80's rock.. Now I am thinking, how am I going to pull this off... XDD

Like this? XD (No offense to whoever love this band) I didn't know 80's dress up so colorful..

That's just joking, I did found out how to dress up more modern, of course.. I really love this fashion~ I think 80's rock fashion point is more to leggings... Hmm... Will think on how to wear...

Siging out now, will try to update more next time~

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