MLC February Lolita Tea Party

Its been 2 months ago since this Lolita Tea Party, I really want to apologize for my lateness.. (=3=)

Its been so long since I went to Lolita outing with my dear Lolita friends~ (><) I miss them so much~ So happy to have meet them. I want to thank you Aiko, our vice-president of MLC (Malaysia Lolita Club) for organizing this, if not we wouldn't have the chance to meet each other too..

Venue : Levain. Kuala Lumpur
Date : 26th Feb 2011

Of course, the first thing we did when we reach is... FOOD!! XD We found our place to put our bags and stuff, everybody went down and find for FOOD! XD Me and BlackCatz wasn't really that hungry so we ate only deserts~

2 plate full of macaroons!!! 8D I have never try macaroons before! They are very nice though is sweet, goes with a tea would be very nice~

See the purple macaroon? That macaroon is "Cassis". Hahaha, I was spazzing over there saying is from the GazettE~ XDD

Believe it or not, this is a bun! Is soooo cute!! Is bought by Azu~ 1 of my Lolita friend~

After meal, we have some games~ :D First, we played "bingo"~ Then we were ask to write our current obsession~

As you can see, mine is a very big the GazettE - Ruki word over there and the others are normal thing like make up, high fashion and other fan girls stuff. XD Beside me, we have Blackcatz's current obsession!

Later on, we played another game~

Time were passing very fast that day, after all the games we played, it was almost 4, if I am not wrong.. We had our group photo before we say good bye..

The sweet side~ From left :
Neko (Najwa)

The classic side~ From left :
Kye Lin
Amanda (Ginger)    

Group photo~

We met a new friend too, Azu~ She is more to the casual Lolita side~

Hahahahahhaa.. Every time when I see this picture, I will LMAO!! XD What Aiko say was - "Fuiyoh! Macam what cooperate meeting sia... Yumi is the CEO, then Akiyo is the wife, Azu is the secretary... xD"
Well that's all for the Lolita outing, hopefully to see everybody again~ Really very happy~ Thanks again to Aiko for organizing~ Photos above mostly credit to Aiko and her photographer, Parry and Merrinette~ Thanks so much~

After Lolita outing, me, BlackCatz, Azu and Amanda were planning to watch Black Swan in The Pavilion~ The whole story of how did we get our ticket was very interesting and exciting. XD I am kinda lazy to type how, but just imagine we went through a lot just to get the ticket~ XDDD

After the show, it was very late. We went for some supper at TGI Fridays before we went home~ It was already 23:51 (As you can see from the phone below) This phone is credit to BlackCatz. XD

This is the first time I went home so late.. I really want to thank you Amanda for sending us home and going to the tea party. Thank you so much!! We owe you a tea~ X)

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  1. oh man i wish i could join a party like tat >.< i wanna hav tea like tat too!! i wanna hav scones! n english tea! miss tea~~