I wanna be a boy.. >w<

Have been watching Gazette's concert today with Chery and because of this, I want to be a boy~~ I want to own a electric guitar and play with it 24/7... And if I were a boy, I can do a lot of stuff that a girl can't... Like fanservice.. *laugh*

And happily, my mom allow me to learn electirc guitar too~~!! WeeHoo~~ But the sad thing was, I can only starts my lesson after the st*pi* SPM... Freedom after SPM, I am so eager to get a 'merdeka' form from my mom fast... After that, I can go cosplay and outing anytime anywhere with my frenz.. Yahoo~~ Thinking about it, makes me go hyper too.. >w<

Loves the GazettE~~!!

* A little girl *

A little girl found a stray cat while walking along the road.
She was holding a bread and because of it, the cat went to her and started to beg for her bread.
The little girl hesitated should she give the cat her bread because it was her only meal for the day.
For awhile later, she finally decided to give the cat her bread and hoping 1 day, something good will happen to her for her good deed...

The cat ate the bread.
When the little girl tried to touch the cat, the cat scartch her and took the bread along and run.
The little girl cried and say why must this happen to her.

Little then she knows, this world is cruel.
Nobody will help you when you are useless.
Only the bad guys will stay in this wicked world, not the good guys...

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