1 of my web friend - Aya, just sent me a link of art... Should I consider it as a art or make up, whatever it is, the art inside are just awesome~ Really, I love it so much... I must really share it to everybody~ This is the link~ ---->>

I sometimes really wonder, when is the time that I can really do this kind of photoshoot... Have my photoshoot like this, the theme is something like this and make up something like this and costume too...

I took some picture from that site~ These are all my favorites~ All pictures are from Viona-Art~

This is call "Vecona-Birdcage-Ballerina" (My fav~ The art, hairstyle, birdcage, costume, etc. are just awesome~)

This is "Bride"

"The King and The Queen"

"Vionas Sarabande"

"Fallen for The Unicorn"

"Vaux Le Victomte"

This site really inspire me a lot~

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