Yessshh! Finally me dear the GazettE single - Red, arrived~! >DDD Damn, the songs are awesome~! 3 of the songs - Red, An Unbearable Fact and Vermin are just damn nice that I don't even know how to describe how nice it is.... XDDDD
Then few days ago, went to Kinokuniya together with BlackCatz~ And of course and as usual, we went in Kinokuniya and come out NEVER empty handed... hahaha... We bought Gothic Lolita Bible and Popteen Taiwan version....

Both of us were very tired, so decided to go to Secret Recipe for lunch. Catz was very tired because she was wearing high heels... ==

After lunch and all the chatting, we walked around because we have all the time on that day... Then again, was too tired and our hearts were not satisfied, so ended up...... We went to Starbucks again.... Though we were nearly going to be broke... XDDDD

We shared a large Ice-chocolate together... XDDD Because our money were limited... == hahahaha~!!!

After Starbucks, I still DON'T feel satisfied... So I asked Catz to accompany me back to Kinokuniya and........Shit... == I bought another Kera magazine.. XDDD And the funniest thing was, Catz ended up bought her AKB48 photobook too~! LMAO~! XDDD

We stayed there until night because need to wait for Catz parents.

I didn't knew that in the night, KLCC would be that nice~~~~ The awesome light from the KLCC~ (See the fuwa-fuwa hairband tied on Catz hand?? She is in love with it~ XDDD)

And then after that whole tiring day in KLCC, I stayed overnight in Catz house~ The next morning, I helped Catz to make up~ :D The make up was ok, but Catz seems to love it a lot, so it makes me happy of coz~
And lately... Thanks to Catz.... I am in love with AKB48 too~~~~~

Minami Takahashi daisuki~~~~~~

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