Miss me Besties

Chiru~~~ Black Catz~~~ I miss you both la... == You both are like my boyfriends lo, cannot live without you guys la.. Hahaha... XDD Its like so bored and meaningless if you guys are not with me.. == Sounds so mushy and weird right? But that's the fact.. I love you guys.. Can be my boyfriends, Chiru? Catz? XDDD Just joking only ok?? XDDD But I am sure you both know that I love you guys too.. XDDD

What I am writing now is not because I want to let you guys read or what-so-ever-the-reason-is.. But I just want to express my feelings.... I really miss you guys......... =3= I wonder when is the day when we can stay together~~ *daydreaming*

Remember this picture?? See the picture quality also know when is this taken la.. XDD Next time let's play again ok? Putting creams on our faces and smash cakes on our faces too~~~ XDD
(I know I look like I a got mustache on me face~ Some more is white~ XDDD Then you both have distorted faces~~~ Hahaha, just joking ya~ XDDD)

I miss you too, twinnie~ Thanks for always listening me talking all sorts of crabs.. XDDD

*Chiru : Now only I knew you love to put out your tongue when taking picture.. XDD Last time also the same, now also the same.. XDDD*

*Catz : Looking at that picture, you changed a lot, I mean your face... Last time you look so like a child now very mature already o~~~ :D*

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