I have already start my studies last week and got a lot of cosmetics from M.A.C, Shu Uemura and NARS!! OMG!! In my whole make up life, I have never bought so many branded cosmetics.. Its too expensive for me.. But.. but now.. I got it~!! >< *overjoy*

This is my make up case. Its super heavy. I have decorated it with my name and the GazettE logo~ hohoho~~!!! >D Cool right?? HOHOHO!!!

But now, talking about make up, there is still something bad. 1st, I am stuck in the most basic foundation for 4 days already.. grghhh... So hard, my teachers are all so straight, they look at every details of the face.. T^T I must work hard.. 2nd, I am very tired because after class I need to go to work.. If not, I need to take the public bus home and then walk 10 minutes.. TIRED TIRED TIRED!!!

Now about work.. *sigh* As usual, I am very tired.. Still thinking whether to continue my job or to stop after March.. =3=

Anyway, this is 1 of the pictures I took when I was working last week. The decoration behind is still in the CNY mood.. XD This drink really helps to wake me up, but at the same time makes me keep going to toilet.. ==

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