WAH~~~~!!! It's been a very busy week last week even though I didn't went to school and work.. == Last Monday, right after the day I work on Sunday, I went to Kuantan with my mom and uncle Charles for vacation.. :D

And because I didn't practice much for my guitar so I bring along my "ruki" - my guitar name. XD At 1st my mom was making noises about it, but still I insist of bringing it along so manage to convince her~ HAHAHA!!

Here's my "ruki"~ I even bring along my Neo Genesis because I was scared I might be bored.. ==

So about 11 morning we took off and reach there about 4 evening.. We put everything into the hotel 1st then went around the town then we saw the beach an decided to come down and feel the sea breeze..

Charles looks like he is painting the sky..

Everything has a hope even though it may looks like impossible.. Just like the fisherman over there..

This is the fisherman's village..

Tired, after the sunset, we start to hunt for dinner. *skip all the story* The next day~

My uncle was driving to the Cherating Beach so I was inside the car and trying to take picture then "chik chak". Came out such a nice effect picture~ :D This was a really very sudden picture..

Here is Cherating Beach.. The beach is really very nice.. My mom and uncle doesn't really like to walk under the sun, so I walked alone on the beach.. It was actually quite lonely because for all my years, whenever I walk on the beach, my brothers are always there with me and we will go very very far away and find something interesting.. But this time I am alone..

After staying in Cherating Beach, we went to our next destination - Teluk Cempadak.. Is also another beach, but this is more beautiful..

This picture reminds me of Australia.. =3=

Then the next day, in order to go to Lake Chini, we checked out from the hotel early and start our journey.. It was very hard to find the way to Lake Chini.. == It took about 2 hours to reach there..

When we reached there, it was under construction so we can only go for the boat riding..

This tree looks very scary in real life. I don't know how to describe in words but it looks like 1 of the tree in a movie call Sleepy Hollow.. This tree is 150 years old...

This is a snake hole.. Rumors about this hole was last time there was a huge snake staying inside.. As big as a tree log.. (sounds like Anaconda) It eat anything that comes along the lake.. *scary* But now don't know went where already.. Heard it was killed or just past away.. Dunno..

That's all for the Kuantan trip.. I was super tired after the trip but was really a interesting trip~ :D

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