Ok, I am very happy today, I am very3 happy until I am speechless.. Because FINALLY I pass my basic foundation make up~~ X3 Me and 1 of my friend, Jaclynn has pass too~ ^^

Here's a sneakpeak inside my studio and some camwhore because of overjoy~ XD

This is the table, it is always fill with make up stuffs, tissues, cotton buds, cotton pads and bla bla bla.. (anything that is related to make up) Here you can also see my seniors and teachers farther away~ And nearer is Jaclynn standing there cleaning up her foundation~ ^^

From left : Irene, me and Jaclynn

Me camwhoring~~ XD

Because of passing my basic foundation, I bought myself a shandy to cheers for myself.. hahaha.. I super love this drink but my mom actually don't really allow me to drink.. =3= And still I drink~ Don't know, don't care, happy always~ hahaha.. This is my philosophy~

Cheers for myself~~

And last friday, something happen between me and Black Catz, is very3 funny and exciting. It's been very long since I have "this" kind of feeling.. Thankies Catz~ XD *Only Catz know what I am talking about~ hahaha*

Catz and my the GazettE - Guren, optical and auditory edition and Antic Cafe - Aroma limited edition have arrive~~~ happy happy happy~ These few days were really a unforgettable days.. ^^

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