Went to sing karaoke with my dear sisters~~ So happy~ Because I was in the emo mood few days ago, so after singing all my heart out in the karaoke, I am feeling so damn good~~ XDDD We went there early because we plan to watch movie after singing karaoke.. That day, we spend money like we were a rich man.. XDDD 1st, karaoke, then Starbuck, then movie.. XDDDD WE ARE RICH!!!!!!! >DDDD

Inside the karaoke, Cheryl was trying to hide herself when I want to take a picture.. ==

After karaoke, we went to a very secret place, which is the toilet where very few people go, because this toilet is too hard to find that I doubt much people know where is this toilet.. XDDD We went there because we wanted to do our hair and make up.. XDD See Cheryl doing her hair there and Catz was like, "Ok, I am going to take a picture here because the lighting is very nice~" Hahahaha..

After doing our hair and make up, we went straight to the cinema to buy ticket. Catz wanted to watch Piranha very much but the ticket was sold out fast so we ended up watch Repomen, it was nice but scary too because I am scare of all those ugly, violent movie.. ==

We bought the later ticket, so we left a little bit of time to go to our fav Starbucks~ The biggest drink was obviously Catz 1 because she loooovessss sweet drinks.. hahahaha..

See their happy faces? Seeing them so happy makes me so happy too~ X3

Before going home, never forget to camwhore~~~ Mwahahahaha~~~ >D

Then lately, I met my twin brother~ XDD His name is Emmanuel, he is actually Cheryl's friend but ever since that day when we cosplay in TAF (Taylor Asaban Fest), we felt that we were twins in some ways because we wore almost the same wig, both holding 1 katana and our costume was 1 black and 1 white. Even Cheryl felt that we look like twins that day.. That's when our "twins" start.. XDDD

We are the emo/stone twinz~~~~ XDDDD
*Thank you Cheryl for this picture..* X3

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