Forbidden Words

Isn't it funny when you want to express something out but you can't?
Not to say you can't but is just that, it is like a taboo.
You knew it from the start that if you express it out, it will spoil everything.
So you made a promise to yourself and to your heart,
You won't express it out,
You won't do anything,
And won't even think of it.

"Time will heal my broken heart." That's what you keep reminding yourself.
But thoroughly, you know.. Your heart is crying in pain,
The misery of not expressing it out.
And still, you don't want to care and keep carrying on this misery so nothing bad will happen.
Your heart bleeds internally,
Your tears was forbid to drop,
And you laugh like nothing ever happen.

You spread your broken wings to fly away from this feelings
Even when you are too tired, you still choose to fly and not to rest.
You thought that this is the best solution for this confusion in your heart.
All of these feelings in your heart are just dreams that can't be reach.
"It is fated, so just give up." That's what you carved in your mind.
You gave up everything and choose to let it go
You decided to only keep this feelings for yourself and never want to let anyone know.

- I had a friend called and chat with me just now, expressing her sorrow to me. She was sad that she can't tell anybody about this because she was scare it might ruin everything or laugh by people. She has never been good at expressing herself that sometimes I even try to patiently listens to her... *sigh* Hope she get well soon... -

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