So many things to worry about lately. Money, study, work and more... (@A@) Sometimes I think, I rather I am still in school, ponteng everyday, that's the only think I need to worry about. Studies, its ok, I have never worry about my studies at all.. XDDD Now after school, I need to think of money and my own make up studies.. *dies*

Then lately, I have been dreaming a lot of super weird dreams.. (=A=) These dreams are so weird that when I woke up, I was like "OMFG, I hope this won't happen.." But some part of the dream, I hope it will happen because its so nice.. Hehehe..

I think maybe because I am so stress lately, everything were so not in good condition. Today when I open the door, I hurt TWICE on my finger and the worst part is, I hurt the same finger.. TTATT Its so pain and now it is swollen.. *sigh* I am really having a bad day... Stress turns to my emo...

All I need now is a bottle of wine~ XD Drink, forget everything and just sleep... I love you, dear wine.. Only you can chill me down for awhile...

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