Genting Trip and Happy Bday to my mom~

The topic says it all~ XDD And yesh, I went to Genting with Cheryl, Emmanuel and Jian Leng. And sads that.. Again, BlackCatz wasn't able to join us because the next day was her "fav" SPM exam. XDDD Since I have already promise her that I will bring her again to Genting next time, so will see, because she wants to celebrate her end-of-school celebration in Genting, wearing Lolita too~~~ :D

Ok, back to topic, we decided to take the earliest bus which is 8 in the morning so we can reach there early to spend more time there. And that's why we all was so damn sleepy and blur when meet each other in KL Central around 7.30. XDDD

Cheryl was sleeping in the bus while on the way up to the Genting cable car~ XDDD

Didn't manage to took much picture this trip because whenever I want to take picture, these 2 boys (below the picture) is trying to avoid... (=.=) Left to right : Jian Leng and Emmanuel. We were in the cable car~ These 2 boys just love to sits at the corner.. XDDD

Cheryl and Emma~ :D

And this is my butler, Jian Leng~

We reached Genting rather early, we reached there around 9.30. So we took our sweet time walking and chilling in the cool air~ But at 1st we put our bags at the Bell counter and took the check in ticket 1st. Then only we went into the theme park~

Well, we didn't play much of stuff this time because I was scare to go for another Space Shot and suddenly don't know why, Jian Leng lost his interest of Space Shot too, so Cheryl doesn't want to go alone.. Then as for Emmanuel, he never love rides....

So after all the rides... Dinner time soon, but before that, we discover a place that we really love~ We spent our 1 hour there, stoning and enjoying the scenery.. XDDD This is how the scenery like~

I don't know what is Jian Leng doing, but he seems to be enjoying the view from this pose... XDDD

This was actually a candid shot, didn't expect Emmanuel could give such a cool face~ :D

Then the 2 boys found a better place, which is the rock, well that's what we call it.. XDD Which you need to climb up~ The view from there are much much more beautiful~ If only we had a lot of time left, because I want to spend my time there stoning... XDDD

Wanted to take picture of them but the boys just....... sigh... == Hahaha, oh well its, ok, at least I think its still cute~XDDD

Finally a nice and cool pose from them~ :D

Camwhore~ Oh no, my hair ish so messy....... >< Love this picture very much~ But where is my BlackCatz~~~ (T____T)

Dinner time~ We had dinner together with my mom and Uncle Charles~ After the meal, we surprise my mom by buying her a "Just Heavenly" cake and a drawing~ And of course, she was surprise and love it very much~ I always love to give people surprise~ XDDD

My mom and Uncle Charles~

After the dinner, me decided to talk alone myself because Emmanuel went walking alone too and Cheryl and Jian Leng was so amaze by 1 of the artist there drawing....

The moon looks so pretty~~ Love this picture too.. Hahahah *perasan*

Below this 2 pictures reminds me of Ayumi Hamasaki - Carols..... Always love the night lights....

The next morning, I woke up rather late but the others havent woke up yet, was actually planning to walked to the garden that I always wanted to go, but suddenly got a call from my mom. So no choice, meet up with her and get "things" done....... Well, this "thing", I won't want to say it out.............

Charles was so afraid of the cable car~~~ XDDD

After my mom and Uncle Charles went down to KL already, me, Cheryl, Emmanuel and Jian Leng spend our time by going to Puri-puri then arcade then Starbucks... XDD

Emmanuel was reading his book~

Jian Leng was playing in lappy while me and Cheryl chit chatz all the way... XDD Our topic will never runs out.. Hahahaha...

Suddenly its was raining~ Wow, I seldom see Genting raining~ So was very stoning watching the rain falls~

(FYI, I am suddenly in a rush, so cannot type much anymore... So from here onwards, will be just pictures... Sorry... )

Thank you Cheryl, Emmanuel and Jian Leng for everything........... I had the best time in my life~ BlackCatz, I promise I wll bring you there again~~

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