Sun-U Animangaki

Ok, finally Cheryl uploaded those Sun-U Animangaki pictures.. But now I am so lazy to upload them already... (=3=;) Hahahaha... So will just post the photo album in here and will only upload some of them~

This is the photo album from Cheryl~ ---->>> http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1216133608&v=photos#!/album.php?aid=243727&id=636243919

Here are some photos~ :) Credits to Jian Leng for taking these pictures and Cheryl for tagging me and accompanying on that day and so is to me twinnie, Misaki-chan, Badrissa, Anthony~

This is me.... I know.. Nurse not suppose to smile, but yesh, I am smiling~ XDD At that time I was super nervous because I am so scare of going up on stage to perform with my friend, ZcDave... Doing HardGay dance... (=.=;;)

My dear doctor~~~~ Cheryl~~~ XDD Isn't she handsome~~~

Cheryl look so cute in this picture~ Behind there is Elaine and her bf, Joe~

When did this happen?? Why I have no memories of this happening.....?? (o____o) Anyway, that is my twinnie, Emmanuel~ XDDD

From left : Emmanuel, Anthony, Misaki and Cheryl

This is Misaki-chan~~ OMG, she should crossplay more~ She is so handsome too~~ XDD

From left : Me, Cheryl, Aster and Aiko. I miss Aster and Aiko so much~~ So happy to see them there~~~ (>w<)
And yesh~! This is my favorite picture~ Pyramid Head and the Nurse~! Silent Hill is in town~~~ >DDD Pyramid Head is Deidara~~

And the 2 pictures below are taken from Soloman Freeman... So thank you to Soloman Freeman~! Actually there are few more pictures, but lazy to upload them.... teehee... (=w=)

My performance together with ZcDave~ He is cosplaying HardGay~! OMG~! XDDD LMAO!!!

This picture is taken from Joseph again~ Thank you Joseph!!!

Damn, I love this shot~! I love the way Cheryl pose~ She is like, "I am going to KILL you, Yumi!!!!!" XDDD

And that's all for now~ (=w=)

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