Lolita Love

Wow.. It's been awhile since I update my blog.. *wipe the dust away* Haha, I am so speechless lately.. No I should say, I have a lot to express but it can't be express out...

Anyway, just 2 days ago.. Went to an event - Sun-U Animangaki, with Cheryl, Emmanuel, Jian Leng, Badrissa, Misaki, Anthony~ Was very very very fun, but.... 2 things, 1st was blackcatz wasn't there that time.. T^T She is busy with her own SPM... And 2nd, was very tired at the same time too because me and Cheryl did our costume last minute.. I mean we have our costume ready but just left the splashing "blood" part.. So we stayed up very late just to soak it with coffee and "blood" and dry it as fast as possible.... Even though we slept at 3am, the other 2 boys - Emmanuel and Jian Leng slept later than us because of wanting to watch their "lau zha po" movie.... XDDD

I don't have picture of that event, so still waiting for my friends to upload it then only will talk more about it in my blog...

Will just post 1 picture of me now 1st.. teehee... (Finally~ I got my nurse hat~ Hahaha..)
*Thank you Joseph so much for this photo!!*


So as for now... I am so into Lolita~~~!!!!!! (TTATT) I want to buy Lolita!! It's been so long since I buy Lolita thanks to the GazettE.. (=.=);;; I miss my days when I wear Gothic Lolita... I miss black color.... \(>A<)/ I miss the feeling of me when I am wearing Lolita~~~ Classic~~ Gothic~~ AHHH!!!!!! I am going nuts!!!!! (@~~@)

(Below pictures are from Gothic Lolia Bible vol.37)

Gothic Lolita, Kuro Lolita and Classic Lolita are my favorite~

Hope I can at least buy a branded one-piece before this year ends... (=3=)

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