Untitle for Her

Dawn falls, night awake,
Walking outside the street,
There is not even a shadow to be seen,
Only the fog in front of my way...
Blur my view what's in front of me..

I don't have a direction to go,
I just want to walk....
I just want to feel the breeze in the night,
And the dark yet calming air of this silent street.

My mind is blank
I look up at the sky
And suddenly I feel something cold touches my cheeks
At first, I thought it is raining,
But then I know it's not,
It is just my tears falling from my eyes...

I am not sad,
I clearly know that,
But why are my tears falling down?
Maybe because I feel your distress...
Scratching every bit of my heart, making it bleed.....

- Hope she get well soon...... -

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