UNIQLO in M'sia

Today was an epic day~ Haha, well not really.. Just a normal day, woke in the morning, took breakfast and off to school as usual using the public transport..... (=.=;) Then bla bla....

Well, what makes today a something special or should say happy day was, in my class today~ My friend - Kiki, was trying on a "zombie" make up~ So I happily choose her as my partner~ XDDD Because I myself want to learn how to put on white pale face so I can help me twinnie to make up~ XDDD

The make up was actually just white pale face and dark, dirty eyeshadow... The lip and eye part was a little bit modified by me and my teacher.... The lip color was my teacher's idea and I just used the extra lip color to put on the "tears" part...

This is my friend, Kiki~

And this is my lovely teacher, Caryn~

I must really say, I love the lip color very much.... It really looks like blood... (=w=)b

A shot of Caryn teacher teaching students~ Hohohoho~!!! The 1 is sitting down is Ean Li and the other 1 is Eunice~ (Caryn teacher's face looks so serious.. XDDD)

And 2nd thing that makes today a special day is.............. UNIQLO is in MALAYSIA!!!!!!! Well, I am not a fan of UNIQLO, so no comment in it... But today, the queue in front of the shop was SUPER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!! Everybody is queuing to go in.... (O___O)

If only Moi-Meme-Moitie or Innocent World or Baby, The Star Shines Bright OR at least Bodyline is in Malaysia, I would be more than happy to queue... XDDD

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